Vary Your Workout Routine for Shocking Results

Vary Your Workout Routine for Shocking Results

If you are anything like a lot of beginner weight lifters, you probably keep a regular gym workout routine. I know when I first started, I did backs and biceps every Monday; Chest and triceps every Tuesday; Shoulders and traps every Wednesday; Legs on Thursday, and core training on Friday. I read in a few of the bodybuilding magazines that it is good to keep a routine, but I started to realize there were not as many changes in my muscles as I hoped for. I was definitely lifting more, pre workout supplements for women to lose weight which meant I was stronger, but my overall muscle mass did not appear to be going anywhere!

While I served as an Infantryman in the Army, I got to hang out with a lot of fitness freaks. When I say fitness freaks, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. I wish I could be as motivated as they were! Anyway, a guy in my platoon who was also a professional MMA fighter, told me about shocking my muscles. At first, I did not want anything to do with anything that would shock me, but then he explained. He told me that if I were to vary my workout routine just a little bit, I would begin to see results much quicker. He said that our muscles begin to get used to the same movements, on the same days, for the same amount of reps. They need to be shocked out of their lazy stage to perform at their peak.


He was right. Within 2 weeks of changing the workout, I noticed much more bulk. I Was starting to see the definition that I always wanted to see! pre workout supplements for women I did not really change much in my routine except for the days of specific workouts and the amount of reps per set. I went from 12 reps per set to 8 reps. I also worked with slightly heavier weights than I normally do since I was doing less reps. On a few of the exercises, I would add another set on just to push my muscles a little bit harder. I changed to shoulders and traps on Monday; Chest and triceps on Tuesday, pre workout supplements for women energy Back and biceps on Wednesday; Core on Thursday, and legs on Friday. After two weeks, I went back to my old routine. This shocked my muscles yet again!

I am sure you have got the idea. Because shocking your muscles is a great way to get quicker and more defined results from your workout. I put it to the test and it worked great for me, so what would it hurt if you were to try it out too? Simply change up your workout routine, and you will see better results than what you are getting right now.

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